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The Grand (2007), All In (2006) and Lucky You (2007)

thegrandmoviePoker movies are somewhat popular these days. I say "somewhat" because I'm not really sure how popular they are with people who don't play poker. See, I play poker and that may be the only reason I've noticed more poker movies out in the past couple years. So, in fact, I have no real idea how popular poker movies really are, but I’ve decided to review three of them for you anyway.

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Cloverfield (2008)

If you ever wondered what would happen if you took a Godzilla movie and filmed it like The Blair Witch, Cloverfield (2008) is what you've been waiting for.

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Rocky Balboa (2006)

Yo Adrian! I wrote anutha movie picta!On the 30 year anniversary, Stallone finally writes a real sequel to Rocky (1976), a boxing movie that shows as much heart, but more maturity than the original. It works without being overly cheesy or sentimental.

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Idiocracy (2006)

Luke Wilson and Dax Shepard in IdiocarcyMike Judge presents humanity a sardonic glimpse into what it is "doomed" to become thanks to rampant consumerism, the supremacy of pop culture, and idiots who out-breed geniuses... or at least those of moderate intelligence.

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