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Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin try to outwit a big, dumb, bloodthirsty bear in this survival epic set in the Alaskan wilderness.

theedgeHopkins is a billionaire married to a supermodel (wow, go figure) and decides to tag-along on his wife's photo shoot set, bizarrely, in the hinterlands of Alaska (the Caribbean Islands were closed, I guess).  As Hopkins is approximately 14 zillion years older than his wife, Elle Macpherson, he's pretty touchy about his wife's motives for marrying him, and, as it turns out, with good reason.

Enter photographer Robert Green (Baldwin), a jerkwad who obviously lusts after Elle, a fact that doesn't go unnoticed by Hopkins,  But Hopkins has a strange obsession, it turns out, with obscure survival literature, presumably because running his dozens of business interests and managing his ginormous fortune doesn't keep him very busy.  So he studies things like how to make compasses out of pine needles.  I mean, wouldn't you?

So one day the jerkwad and his overworked assistant (Harold Perrineau) decide to set out on a stupidly determined quest -- through the completely unfamiliar Alaskan wilderness -- to find a guy who looks rugged.  They ask Hopkins along, who oddly accepts, and the stage is set.  Their plane crashes, the assistant (yes, a black male...) dies, leaving Baldwin and Hopkins to fend for themselves while a determined grizzly bear chases them through the woods.

Along the way, things concerning Hopkins' wife are revealed, as is Baldwin's own inept bloodlust, all while fleeing for their lives and trying to make it back to civilization, since it didn't occur to them to let anyone know where they were going before the crash.

An interesting contribution to survival films, The Edge is worth a viewing or two. 


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