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KnowingAn odd movie about a girl who writes down a bunch of numbers that apparently predict 50 years of major disasters, including date, geographical coordinates, and the number of dead.  When the "scientist" son-of-a-preacher-man John Koestler (Nicolas Cage) discovers the list 50 years later, he realizes their significance and ultimately how the world will end in this very strange mixture of occidental religious fables, super-advanced aliens, and great CGI.

John Koestler (Cage) is a man who's "lost his faith" because: a) he wants to rebel against his father, and b) he lost his wife in an accident.  Luckily for him a time capsule is about to reveal a prophesy about 50 years of major disasters, including the end of the world that's going to change his mind and renew his faith.  At least for his last week alive.

Meanwhile some creepy angels/aliens follow him and his son around mumbling things.  Acts 2 and 3 occur and stuff happens.  In the end his son and a girl are "chosen" (raptured? should be a verb anyway) to start life again on another planet by the aliens/angels with a big tree in the middle of it, presumably the apple tree of knowledge, while everyone else on earth dies a horrible, agonizing death.  The end.

Movie Rating: $1.00Pretty standard pseudo-scientific tripe, but the CGI effects here are pretty cool.  The plane crashing into the road and total destruction of New York are definitely the computer-generated highlights of this flick.  Other than that, ultimately a very disappointing movie that had a lot of early potential.


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