Goober's 83 Toyota was refused collector plates today, probably a good call.DURHAM - Local man Bud Goober, a shrimp fancier, today was denied collector plates on his 1983 Toyota Corolla by DMV staffers.

"The guidelines say that the vehicle must be over 20 years old and of some historical interest," said Sandy Manager, manager of the local DMV that denied Goober's request. "A 1983 Toyota Corolla is not of any interest to anyone, not today and not even in 1983."

Nevertheless, Goober stands his ground. "I haven't altered the car at all," said Goober, eating a plate of shrimp, "just kept it up with minor repairs as it needed it. Sure, it belches huge plumes of blue-white smoke every time you drive it, but there's nothing about that in the DMV rules, I've looked them up online!"

His wife, meanwhile, just wishes he'd knock it off and mow the lawn. "This entire thing is stupid," said Milly Goober, Goober's wife. "He should just mow the lawn and shut up. He's making himself look like a jerk and me too."


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