Zine FAQ

We get asked a lot of the same stuff about IRREVERENT. This is our attempt at performing a pre-emptive strike against the 2nd largest oil producing nation. No, wait: a pre-emptive strike against you. No wait, wait: a pre-emptive attempt at answering burning, lingering questions in your cranium about the thing you're now reading.
Can something be both "burning" and "lingering"?


A: Good question. IRREVERENT is a funny magazine started in 1993 with the vision of being smart-asses. And screwing with your head. And being funny. And giving us an excuse to be funny, while screwing with your head and being smart-asses. We like our jobs. A lot.

Q: How can I get the most out of IRREVERENT?
A: Great question. Here's a winning way:
1) Make yourself a drink. Sit down, relax.
2) Surf on over to irrmag.com. Notice the amusing banner graphics and top stories. Let yourself chuckle a bit.
3) If you're not chuckling, repeat this (mantra-like) for several minutes: "I will lighten up."
4) Read something. Laugh, think, cry, laugh again.


Q: Is anything I read in IRREVERENT true?
A: Another great question. No. Virtually nothing is true. Most of it is made up in between drinking binges and during commercial breaks. Some of it is opinion, so in that sense it's true, unless the opinion is actually wrong.
You can think of IRREVERENT as your very own fun-house mirror to reality, built entirely by monkeys. Funny, smart-ass monkeys.


Q: That's an awfully flip answer.
A: Write your own FAQ.


Q: Does IRREVERENT cost anything?
A: Well not for you, but it does cost a pretty set of pennies to keep the place running. You can help by buying IRREVERENT Stuff from the Store. It's safe and secure.

Q: I think you guys suck. Should I contact you to tell you so?
A: No. The world's a mighty big place, let's just agree to stay far away from each other from now on. Kisses.