WASHINGTON - Hours after Obama's address to school children, riots continue throughout a devastated nation.

Aimless destruction continues tonight following President Obama's speech to children.Cities across America are ablaze tonight as emergency services personnel desperately try to contain a devastating situation. Anarchy ruled the economic markets which collapsed following President Obama's speech to school children today, losing a full 59.83% of its worth in what some are calling "the final crushing blow" to the United States' "already fragile" economy.

Information at this hour remains sketchy following the meltdown of wireless service providers, but riot police from the country's largest cities are believed to be facing an average 2,000% increase in crime throughout the nation, with violent crimes leading all indicators. New York Police officials, for one have reported the situation in Manhattan "is pure hell" while areas immediately outside the city remain in "total anarchy... [with a] total breakdown of even basic social services."

Meanwhile, all attempts to contact citizens or officials in Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit continue to fail, leaving only speculation as to their condition. Jammed communications and awesome street and highway congestion -- often with miles of burning vehicles -- continue to greet those unlucky enough to penetrate those city's perimeters.


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