LOS ANGELES - Actress Mackenzie Phillips stunned the nation today by announcing that she is, in fact, "still alive."

Former star Mackenzie Phillips is alive.The former "One Day at a Time" (1975-1983) star Mackenzie Phillips today stunned the nation by announcing that she is "very much alive... and working as an actress." "I have had a number of roles here and there," Phillips said to a stunned gathering of the press. "And I'm happy to let people know that rumors of my demise are well, not true."

Phillips then ran down a list of her credits to a incredulous press corps. "I did an episode of Cold Case, pretty recently actually," Phillips said, "and in 2005 I was in a movie called The Jacket. I did an episode of 7th Heaven, a couple episodes of NYPD: Blue. Then I was in Without A Trace, The Division and I even did an episode of E.R." At this point, however, most of the assembled press had turned off their microphones and packed their cameras.

Those close to the former star were, however, not surprised. "I thought she was still around," said actor Pat Harrington Jr. (80), who played Schneider in the popular seventies sitcom. "There for a while about 10 years ago, though, I thought she may have passed on. But then...." At this point, the veteran actor trailed off.

Remembrance services for the actress have been cancelled, as had a candlelight vigil that had been planned for 18 months by fans over Twitter.



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