The IRREVERENT Podcast!!Short comedy, skits and hilarity from the whole IRREVERENT gang, featuring:

Podcast host, writer, and all around lynchpin.

Publisher, bon-vivant, and editor-in-chief.

Senior writer, political hack, and all around wit.

And joining the gang in Season 2...

Intern, serious journalist and incredulous bystander.

Intern producer, self-appointed guru and somtime exotic dancer.

Episode 6: America, Heal Thyself!

Episode 6 celebrates Apri Fools Day by tackling American Healthcare Reform in an utterly humorless way... sort of.  With her guests "Mr. Smith," a serial killer and reform proponent, and Dr. Gates, a virulent reform opponent, Stone fights her way through the issues minefield using only her trademark tact and patience.

In Slaugherhouse 6, Meadow finds yet another investment vehicle in an innovative vibrator manufacturer, Stone is only too happy to get things moving quickly to avoid being late for a job interview, while Mercer is fixated on the CERN collider being re-tasked to help Toyota.

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Episode 5: Quit Hogging the Benjamin!

TV-14: In Episode 5, the staff of IRREVERENT covers their most controversial subject yet: the legalization of marijuana.  Joined by "Miss Levinson" -- who argues against legalization -- and Dirk Worthington IV, "Toke!" magazine publisher who argues for it, special host Scott Meadow deals with the issues as only he knows how.

Later, on the Slaughterhouse, the Obama family is haunted by the ghost of Patrick Henry and Meadow announces his boldest revenue stream yet: IRREVERENT is running for congress!

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Music: http://magnatune.com/ (featuring music from touchingGrace's "Happenstance" and Jade Leary's  "Black Glitter Diaries")

Episode 4: The Psychic and the Chimp

Episode 4 investigates America's "Democrat fatigue" with the Amazing Rudolph, world famous psychic and author of "I Knew You'd Buy This Book!" and Bobo the chimp who made news last week by being the first chimp in history accepted into the University of Pennsylvania (with his human handler Bob Banks).

On the Slaughterhouse, Scott reveals yet another major IRREVERENT investment, to the chagrin of his employees, while Mercer remains steadfastly focused on the abominable snowmen in Iceland who owe Britain tons of dough.

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Episode 3: Undead and Loving It

IRREVERENT's third podcast examines the Obama Administration's controversial "undead stimulus package" when Cynthia interviews Count von Schwartz, the Nazi undead advocate, and Count von Count, the undead children's television star and G.O.P. advisor.

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The News Rodeo and Slaughterhouse Theme Music: www.purple-planet.com

Episode 1: Abandon Earth to Save It

Hosted by IRREVERENT contributor Cynthia Stone, this episode features IRREVERENT's own Dan McHicktock and Tim Niebaum, political director of the Argos 6 Colonization Project, discussing recent news including the recent Supreme Court ruling affecting political campaign donations, Conan O'Brien's departure from The Tonight Show, and President Obama's first State of the Union Address.

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The News Rodeo Theme Music: www.purple-planet.com


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