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Burn After Reading (2008)

If you're as fascinated as we were by the prospect of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton, and J.K. Simmons acting in a Coen Brothers™ film, Burn After Reading is the answer you've been waiting for.

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W. (2008)

If, for some reason, you ever wondered how in the hell a dumb, rich, beer swilling frat boy could possibly rise to become President virtually out of the blue, then Oliver Stone's latest speculative biography W. is just what you wanted. So when did Stone stop making regular movies anyway?

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The Brave One (2007)

Jodi Foster plays a crunchy-granola NPR talk show host whose fiancé is murdered in front of her, sending her life in a violent new direction in this nod to 70s vigilante movies.

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The Dark Knight (2008)

Joker trades in his feeble-minded pranks from the 60's for TNT and runs amok in Gotham, while Christian Bale tries desperately to hold his own in a scene in Christopher Nolan's next phase of resurrecting one of comic's most abused franchises.

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