Dan McHicktock first started writing for IRREVERENT in 2004, just prior to the Presidential elections.  His approach to politics and cultural matters, let's say, is a bit extreme and certainly not to my political taste, yet he is irreverent.

As near as I piece together, Dan was raised in the upper penisula region in a rural, white community.  His father was a farmer, and mother a doting stay-at-home mommy.  Dan's father -- an army colonel -- died at 47 from a heart attack.

Dan started writing when he was 13 years old, and before long he'd pretty much decided everything about the world that he was going to decide and was busy telling people about it.  By the time he contacted me for writing at IRREVERENT, his bombastic, shotgun-in-your-face style was as attractive as it was frightening.  Of course, I had no alternative -- aside from a restraining order -- but to invite him to contribute.

Dan McHicktockDan is a proud member of the National Rifle Association, an organization for which he does a lot of pro bono work, a member of the Wisconsin Lutheran Synod, a family man with 5 children (4 boys), and senior writer at the New American Heritage Freedom Coalition, a conservative midwestern think tank.  He also regularly contributes to a number of online blogs and zines too numerous to list here, in addition to serving as IRREVERENT's Senior Conservative Commentator.

(And although neither of them will admit it, I'll bet he's worked for Mercer on one of his more shady Republican 503c non-profits....)

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