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HOLLYWOOD - Today "The Donald" announced he will exec. produce and host a new reality show titled "America's Next G.O.P. Candidate."

Reality star Donald Trump today admitted he would be starting a reality show to choose another G.O.P. presidential candidate.The show, which is slated to air January 1, will feature 16 potential G.O.P. presidential candidates who are put through a series of challenges, where one contestant is eliminated from the competition each week in accordance with the "spirit of free-market capitalism." The winner will be bankrolled as a G.O.P. presidential candidate by Trump himself, and placed on ballots in each state.

Although the show's contestants have not fully been disclosed, so far Jon Corzine, Governor Chris Christie, Pat Buchanan and Sarah Palin have been confirmed by The Donald.

Challenges announced so far include "burying evidence of your sex scandal," "making the perfect campaign promise," "resisting the urge to steal campaign funds," and "recovering from a debate gaffe, campaign commercial disaster, or silly comment."

"It will be a fun show as well as informative," said The Donald in a pitch to affiliates. "Our goal is to bring the American people into the political process, by letting them vote directly for who should be eliminated each week. But unlike our failing system, they can vote as many times as they like and for only 99 cents a piece. That's real democracy."

As of filing, no corresponding show has been announced by the other side of the aisle, although sources within the D.N.C. hinted that he "wouldn't be surprised" if "Who Wants To Be A Democrat?" hit airwaves next mid-season.

Photo Credits: Flickr/Gage Skidmore, DonkeyHotey

IRREVERENT Magazine is a news magazine parody: we were doing fake news before it was popular.


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