Tom Cruise stars as a guy in a futuristic suit shooting at bad guys in a desperate bid to save something really, really important.  Probably the earth, since this is the future and we're always trying the save the earth in the future.  But I was seriously distracted watching this.

Photo: Universal PicturesIt's clearly the future, the same stylized, dirty, post-apocalyptic future we've come to expect since Mad Max and The Matrix -- with nice fitting leather and plastic clothing and sunglasses -- and all the computer effects look really good.  Cruise plays someone with either something to prove or something to overcome, I couldn't figure it out, because just then we lost internet access in the house and I had to reboot the router and modem, so my son could finish Skyping with his girlfriend. Cruise, though, looked very serious most of the time and there were a lot of close-ups: he's definitely motivated, I'm just not sure why.

Morgan Freeman's in it too. He's like an elder Morpheus here.  He's wearing comfortable post-apocalyptic clothing (and sunglasses) and he appears to give Tom some sort of history lesson, so I guess Tom was away for a while?  This is probably what's motivating him to seek redemption and/or prove something, either to himself or Freeman, again can't tell who, what or why.  Some Asian lady is following him around too: they look to be romantically involved but it's hard to tell and I missed the beginning.

The soundtrack seems very well done.

At some point, Tom talks to a big floating triangle with a red spot in the center.  Couldn't hear what they were saying, since the kids were screaming and running around because the pizza guy finally arrived. The music sounded sad, so I'm guessing it wasn't good news.

Still can't figure out why he needed to talk to the floating triangle at all though.

Pretty sure it's a happy ending and that Tom and the Asian lady were hooking up after all.  There's a kid at the end who, as near as I can tell by the close-ups and serious looks flying around, is probably supposed to be hers and Tom's. I think there was a voice-over too that sounded like it explained everything, but I couldn't hear it. That was when the dog broke into the house, attacked the cat and terrified the baby so much that she fell over and hurt herself, just before we were about to put her to bed too!

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