Greg Kinnear is a preacher someplace in Nebraska or Iowa I think.  He's a nice guy.  I couldn't hear the dialogue, but everyone smiled at him and was friendly.  At least in the beginning.

TriStar Pictures.Nothing really happens for a long time.  Greg and his wife (didn't catch her name) have money troubles and he fixes things.  I can't tell what he does for a living besides preach, but Thomas Haden Church - the guy who played Sandman in that Spiderman movie -- is his best friend with a good job, but not a religious one despite his last name.  Couldn't tell what job that was either, since the cat threw up a furball and the toddler started playing with it like fingerpaints so it was bath time again!  Third time today.

By the time we got back, Kinnear's really cute son was in the hospital but then pulls through ok.  Everyone's happy until he starts talking about heaven and holding Jesus' hand, whose skin looks appropriately less pale.  Dad (Kinnear), a religious guy, isn't real happy about what his son's saying.  Then everyone else in town gets pissed off too.

Pretty sure it was a happy ending by the looks of it.  During the credit crawl I saw Kinnear juxtaposed with some other guy who didn't really look anything like him, so I'm guessing this was based on some kind of true story.

I'm not sure of that either because as they started explaining it, my oldest decided to start punching his brother in the arm, a fight broke out knocking over a (just filled to the brim) glass of ice water on the cat, who jumped up and scratched the toddler and her sister so we sent EVERYONE to bed!


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