Liam Neeson is an ex-cop who shambles around a drug addled NYC in search of a couple guys who are killing drug dealer's wives.  He's got a homeless kid as a sidekick.  And he walks around a lot looking moody.

What you see here is what you get in Tombstones.Nothing much happens for a long time.  Then, nothing else happens to spice things up.  This is followed by a healthy dollop of not much else happening until the credit crawl.  Around the middle somewhere I left for popcorn and when I came back I asked what I missed.  My wife said "they drove around a bit" and shrugged.

That's a little unfair. Liam does walk around (looking moody) and talking with people as he tries to find these two guys, who may be DEA agents.  But they're really just standard issue psychos.  Why are they killing the drug dealer's wives, you may ask?  We never really find out but it's probably for the ransom money.

That's the plot.

Liam is also trying to live down some tragic events from his past, like his accidential shooting of a 7 year old girl and being a divorced drunk.  This stuff screwed him up so now he lives in trademark "ex-cop dump New York City apartment"-brand squalor.  Set designers must get really bored recreating this dump for every cop movie they work on.  If they were smart they'd get together, design one ex-cop dumpy NYC apartment and have swappable booze bottles/overflowing ashtrays/arsenal of weapons to suit every occasion.

Now given the way the film was promoted, you may be thinking this was "Taken 3" like we did.  But this is about as close to a "Taken" flick as Obi-Wan Kenobi was to Liam's portrayal of Oscar Schindler.


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