The IRREVERENT Podcast!!Short comedy, skits and hilarity from the whole IRREVERENT gang, featuring:

Podcast host, writer, and all around lynchpin.

Publisher, bon-vivant, and editor-in-chief.

Senior writer, political hack, and all around wit.

And joining the gang in Season 2...

Intern, serious journalist and incredulous bystander.

Intern producer, self-appointed guru and somtime exotic dancer.

Hosted by Cynthia Stone, this special podcast tackles PORNOGRAPHY in America and President Obama's recent announcement that he'll be abolishing the long-standing policy of "don't ask, don't tell" in America's military.  Cynthia's joined by General Jack Davis and Scottish adult-film star Rock McHard to tackle the issues head-on.

Following the Rodeo, there's IRREVERENT's News Slaughterhouse-- all the news that's fit to round up and send to the abattoir.  Here publisher Scott Meadow and senior writer Tyrone Mercer discuss some of the week's stories they've been following, including Toyota's troubles, a possible weather control conspiracy by the Republican party, and more stimulus news than you can shake a stick at.

The News Rodeo and Slaughterhouse Theme Music: www.purple-planet.com


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