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The IRREVERENT Podcast!!Short comedy, skits and hilarity from the whole IRREVERENT gang, featuring:

Podcast host, writer, and all around lynchpin.

Publisher, bon-vivant, and editor-in-chief.

Senior writer, political hack, and all around wit.

And joining the gang in Season 2...

Intern, serious journalist and incredulous bystander.

Intern producer, self-appointed guru and somtime exotic dancer.

Episode 11's News Rodeo offers a uniquely IRREVERENT look at American ingenuity in general with Stone's guests Tad Wilcox, the Val Kilmer Chair of American Technological History at Harvard University and John Jackobmeyer Smith, a research fellow at the American Progress Alliance, and author of "We Used To Make Shit Work: An Annotated History of American Invention."

On the Slaughterhouse, Meadow hatches his most wildly ambitious scam yet while Stone and Mercer both get to travel out of the country -- all expenses paid -- on mysterious assignments.

NOTE: The episode contains strong language. Celebrity voices, of course, are impersonated, and poorly impersonated at that.

The News Rodeo and Slaughterhouse Theme Music:

TV-14: In this special News Slaughterhouse, Ty REALLY reports from New Orleans on BP's latest PR push to get their screw up off the front page, using more folksy idioms than a Southern Belle in a 1930s Hollywood epic. Meadow, meanwhile, snaps up more BP stock, much to the chagrin of Stone, who didn't read her contract carefully enough....

The News Rodeo and Slaughterhouse Theme Music:

TV-MA: In Episode 9, Stone interviews Batman, the Dark Knight himself, and fellow DC Comic icon Superman over Christopher Nolan's recent announcement that he will attempt to reboot Superman. The two share their unique perspectives on Nolan's abilities... and their personal feelings about each other.

In Slaughterhouse, Mercer reports on a surprising new development in the BP oil cleanup, Meadow announces he's just purchased a stake in Stark Industries, and Stone shares some shocking new information on the Al and Tipper Gore breakup.

NOTE: This episode contains strong language.

The News Rodeo and Slaughterhouse Theme Music:

In the eighth episode of News Rodeo, host Cynthia Stone interviews an expert on earthquakes from the U.S. Geological Survey's Earthquake Science Center and famous prognosticator Nostradamus to get to the bottom of the global earthquake epidemic.

On Slaughterhouse, Meadow reports he made a killing in the recent stock market shenanigans that dropped P&G to a temporary penny stock, Mercer reports from London that King Arthur is making a comeback, and, after debating ther merits of Meadow's latest religious retreat, Stone tracks down the REAL reason for all the earthquakes... to a particular Hollywood star.

NOTE: This episode contains strong language.

The News Rodeo and Slaughterhouse Theme Music:

TV-14: In this April 15th Special Episode, a freak wormhole has revealed a disturbing future for America in which nobody pays their taxes in protest.  Luckily for you, IRREVERENT staff physicist Merle Varnish was quick to punch record on his digital recorder so that you may... return to the future.

In the Slaughterhouse, President Obama ponders declaring Sharia law to wipe out the national debt, Meadow invests heavily in a plucky new start-up called "SkyNet," and Cynthia reports on Daniel Radcliffe's latest cinema triumph... in a porno flick?

The News Rodeo and Slaughterhouse Theme Music: