Every now and then, as we crank out issue after issue for your unpaid glee, I ask myself, "Why, why oh why, bro, do you keep publishing IRREVERENT?"  Sometimes one of the readers asks me.  Sometimes a writer.  Truth is, I have no idea, but as near as I can tell we're essentially an exercise in First Amendment protection.  Barring that, we're something more fun to do on the internet than watch the same Jenna Jameson clips over, and over, and over.  Okay we don't actually contribute anything (at all) to the Gross Domestic Product but we're not out there writing "how-to" manuals for sheep fucking either.  See what I mean about the First Amendment?  You can just tell that IRREVERENT is exactly what Tommy Jefferson had floating around his cerebellum back when men wore white wigs and were proud of it.

The Editor's Mess Also, if it wasn't for this rag we'd all have to shape up our prose to go write for real zines, which is way too much effort.  You want slackers, I'll show you slacking.  Throw a dufus in the White House (funny, that's not been hard to come by since 1993) along with 3 parts global socio-political and economic change, and you've got more material than we can be sarcastic about in four lifetimes.  Damn we're good.

So are we policy wonks or sardonic Gen X slackers with a penchant for anarchy?  I'd have to say yes, yes we are.

If this is your first time at our fabulous little rag here, bear with us because we've recently changed formats and are still adding stuff to our archives going back to 1999.  There's quite a bit of stuff to add yet (except for the stuff that's going to see the short-end of a Trash icon), but we've also got the more recent pieces recoded and out there for your immeasurable gratification, more than enough to decide that we're all fucking nuts, too pathological to deal with, or so fucking weird you can't wait to come back for more.  C'est la vie.

I also need to make an ernest and sincere pitch at buying stuff, especially after reviewing how much the site change has cost us.  Your consumption funds this rag, and we've got some quality merch on display here, including the very cool "IMPERIALISM 2005" T-shirts and tote bag on sale now at the IRREVERENT Shop.  All transactions are secure and guaranteed by Cafepress, a truly cool company with an awesome business model that makes me green with envy.

That's it. Enjoy.

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