MILWAUKEE - IRREVERENT Magazine announced today that its hard-hitting investigative work on the recent break-in at Democratic National Committee Headquarters now ranks number one at Internet search company Google.

"Well I'm very pleased that we've been able to take the story this far," said Scott Meadow, Editor-in-Chief of the humor and lifestyle e-zine.  "I would have thought that somebody else would have jumped on the story by now, but we continue to launch scoop after scoop after scoop.  It's astounding."

"The first phone call came from one of my many contacts in Washington," said Tyrone Mercer, Senior Contributing Writer.  "He said that he knew somebody somewhere that knew something that might interest us somehow.  I told him to set up a meeting with the source, who we call  'the Goat,' and it was incredible.  I couldn't even believe it.  In fact we tried turning 'the Goat' down because we're just not equipped for this kind of actual reporting."

"Yeah," said Meadow.  "We stick to cheap yuks and jokes about Bush, what do we know from serious journalism?  But 'the Goat' was a persistent little bastard."

"It was as if he felt compelled to tell this story," interjected Mercer.  "Like if he didn't get somebody to report it, he would die of frustration.  He'd been to everybody, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOXNews, CNN, MSNBC.  Nobody would touch it.  Well anything that CBS won't touch is tailor made for IRREVERENT so we grabbed the story and sure enough, it had legs."

"Since the story broke," continued Meadow, "We've been working it non-stop.  Of course we're only one little website, not the Washington Post, so we don't have the resources to fly to DC and hang out in parking garages all the time.  Fortunately Mercer's contacts and sources are very tech savvy so sometimes all it takes is an email or IM session and we can pretty much get the goods.  Makes you wonder what kind of investigating actual news organizations could do."

When asked whether the inability to name sources on the record might lead to legal difficulties, the duo referred to Mercer's attorney, Hashimoto Suntori, who said cryptically, "A great river may run straight to the sea yet spring from an unseen fount." 

"We're working on some increasingly complex ties in this story," said Meadow.  "The next few weeks should be quite exciting.  Will it bring down the President?  Well we can only hope, after all it worked on Nixon."


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