Hang on for 'Tony Almighty,' starring James Gandolfini as a fired construction worker tapped by god to part Lake Hopatcong in Jersey to save a family of ducks.Let loose the dogs of sequels and let us go forth and prosper in the Land of Milk and Honey. Lo, I sayeth unto you that you too shall endure this wacky examination of a personal deity once again mucking around a mere mortal for 90 minutes, either that or findeth something more productive to do, like reorganizing your iTunes library or finally downloading that one song you heard last week on the radio but can't for the life of you remember what it's called.

This time around, instead of granting an unemployed T.V. reporter infinite supernatural powers, god (Morgan Freeman) makes a congressman (Steve Carell) build an ark. Why an "ark" you ask? Well ordering him to kill his firstborn didn't screen well with test audiences.

Why an "ark" you ask? Well ordering him to kill his firstborn didn't screen well with test audiences.Congressman Evan Baxter (Carell) is your typical neophyte politician, whose exposure to the Washington political process has yet to crush his spirit and purchase his soul. He moves to Washington -- into a larger house than Steve Jobs could afford -- and gets all set for his first day of public service. That is until god comes knocking and proceeds to dick him around with hoards of wild animals and the bizarre demand that he (Carell) build an ark. Carell missed that day in congressional orientation, so god helpfully hands him "Ark Building for Dummies," gives him a pile of wood, and proceeds to completely discredit him in the eyes of his peers, his constituents, his family, and himself. What a guy.

Movie Value: $1.00Nobody said that god didn't have a sense of humor, and Freeman once again wields supreme power more capriciously than a pre-teen with an Uzi. Deliberately unconcerned with the issues facing mankind as a whole, this stunt is designed instead to save a small Washington community while simultaneously exposing the minor backroom politics of a rival (John Goodman). I guess, at least, the infinite creator of the universe isn't overreaching here.

Carell, as everyone who's watched NBC's The Office can attest, is a great choice for the comedic lead here, both a likable character and one you can root for while he dangles helplessly from the cosmic puppet-strings of the domineering Freeman. Family friendly with a more or less positive surface message, Even Almighty is fine for a rainy day.


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