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  • Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

    Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

    The bots are back in town in this loving homage to de-aged robot apocalypse fiction. Read More
  • Punxsutawney Phil Fired After Predicting Massive Russian Interference in 2020 Election

    Punxsutawney Phil Fired After Predicting Massive Russian Interference in 2020 Election

    President Trump "fired" Punxsutawney Phil, despite having no authority to do so, as Phil is not a federal employee or Read More
  • Total Victory of the Imagination

    Total Victory of the Imagination

    Holy crap, this is the best robotic technology we’ve come up with by 2020? What are we doing? Read More
  • Bundy-O-Rama


    Ted Bundy: on one hand a murderous psychopath, on the other a Republican who treated his girlfriend and her daughter ok. Read More
  • Human Allows Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant To Converse

    Human Allows Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant To Converse

    Nothing is known about what caused this, other than the user was an idiot. Read More
  • Moon Aliens

    Moon Aliens

    Did aliens travel dozens or hundreds of lightyears to build crap on our moon? Read More
  • Joker (2019)

    Joker (2019)

    Joaquin Phoenix chain-smokes his way through a rewarding fantasy life punctuated by psychopathic violence in this adorable popcorn flick. Read More
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LOS ANGELES - In an effort to soothe late-night wounds, NBC today offered Conan O'Brien a role in "Heroes," and Jay Leno a job as "The Office" boss.

Leno would replace Carell as goofy paper boss Michael Scott.NBC/Universal officials are reportedly "jazzed" about the new deals on the table, despite industry watchers' vocal, unanimous, and widely-circulated criticism of the move.  "The G.E. suits have their ties so tight they're on the verge of decapitation," said Lewis Louison, blogger at LateNiteTeeVee.com.  "Why are they so desperate to destroy their entire line-up?" wrote Jay Johnson at Entertainment Daily.

Spokespeople from O'Brien's, Leno's, and Carell's camps were equally derisive.  "This deal doesn't address anything close to what's necessary," wrote O'Brien spokesman Chip McGuffin in the Tonight Show Official Blog.  "We can't begin to understand why G.E. is offering us a permanent spot on 'Heroes' rather than the Tonight Show as specified in our contracts."  According to inside sources, O'Brien would play a stand-up comic who discovers his jokes have the power to incapacitate people with laughter and would be known as "The Joker."

"Why would I want to take Steve [Carell]'s job in 'The Office'?" wondered Jay Leno at an impromptu press conference this morning.  "Do these guys [at NBC/Universal] even watch television?  Maybe the first step is to take a look at their own schedule and do what's right."

Meanwhile, staffers at "The Office" were outraged at the suggestion of replacing Carell.  "Why don't you guys just leave us out of this? We haven't done anything to you.  Our numbers are solid, we're winning awards; try to resist the urge to flush us down the toilet along with everything else you idiots touch."

NBC spokesman Gerry Geraldson, however, was optimistic.  "We believe this is a good deal that addresses both stars' concerns.  However, if they don't take it, we'll have to go back to the drawing board and come up with something equally lucrative.  But we're frankly out of ideas here."

SuperBowl LIV Lapdance!

A stripper pole, leather-clad dancers, and an aggressive crotch grab. Is this Harvey Weinstein's wetdream?
Not to be upstaged, J-Lo made sure audiences saw the scant fabric over her baby-maker too.
I may be wrong, but I think the choreographers for this year's half-time show were trying to tell us something....
Yes, she's a mother of 4 but can still grind that pole, girls.
For no particular reason, Superbowl Halftime took a pause from the porn to feature a delightful chorus of school girls, who have a lot to look forward to in the Entertainment Industry.
Shake, shake, shake!
Here this guy helps J-Lo determine just how far he'll go before she presses charges.
J-Lo gave audiences an up-close and personal look into her interior organs Sunday night, vowing to bring ultrasound pictures next year.
J-Lo gave audiences exactly what she thinks they need on a Sunday evening with a gut full of beer and nacho cheese.
Shakira used a unique brand of subtle sexuality to engage the audience.
Never has the importance of 4 sq inches of fabric been more pronounced.

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