Luke Wilson and Dax Shepard in IdiocarcyMike Judge presents humanity a sardonic glimpse into what it is "doomed" to become thanks to rampant consumerism, the supremacy of pop culture, and idiots who out-breed geniuses... or at least those of moderate intelligence.

It's the present, a slightly twisted present, and thanks to medical advances the normal stuff that morons do to win Darwin Awards no longer keeps them from breeding. So idiots are reproducing like bunnies whereas smart folks aren't. Flash forward 500 years and humanity is in deep poo-poo.

There are huge mountains of garbage, sex sells everything (and is available for purchase everywhere), and Costco has become a "premier" legal school as well as a mega-box-store to make Wal Mart execs weep in envy. This is the world Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson) is thrust into following his participation in an abandoned army hibernation experiment gone wrong. He's not alone. Also tagging along is prostitute Rita (Maya Rudolph), the only available "average" woman for the army to experiment with, and the stage is set to explore man's stupidity

Movie Value: $5.00To help in this pursuit a gaggle of supporting morons is enlisted, including a hilariously incompetent lawyer named Frito (Dax Shepard), a clueless doctor (Justin Long), a howlingly funny Secretary of State (David Herman of Office Space fame), and an outrageously comical President Comacho (Terry Crews), a former porn superstar and professional wrestler.

Often funny, and always cynical, Idiocracy is an unexpectedly comic and satirical comment on the pitfalls of modern American culture and the strength of consumer-driven capitalism.


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