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SEATTLE - Moderately radical cleric Sheik Raini al-Jezeera was found dead today in his locked hotel room.

Al-Jezeera, who was scheduled to maryr himself next Tuesday in Lebanon, instead committed suicide yesterday inside his Hilton hotel room.  The room was locked from the inside.

News Bites...Mmmmm yummy!The cleric was in Seattle promoting his new book on moderate radicalism called "I'll Martyr Myself... Soon," which landed its author on the New York Times best-seller list for two weeks running.  A passionately outspoken proponent of "suicide bombing... as an effective means to start meaningful political dialogue," Al-Jezeera was also reputed to have a gentler side, one that "actually enjoyed" the company of "some women," and that had a cat named "Hakmat" ("judgement").  Nevertheless, no note was left behind and there were no signs of a break in.

"Sheik Raini was be missed in the suicide bombing community," said fellow radical cleric Sheik Binrabi al-Couscous, after speaking at the ceremonial bombing of the latest Beirut Walmart, which featured one of Al-Jezeera's suicide pupils.  "He was an inspiration to all those who seek to blow people up with high explosives.  Even though he shall burn in the eternal fires of hell for cowardly refusing to martyr himself for the glory of Allah, he shall be missed."