Coming Soon, OW-3: Bait.A while ago, I made a joke about what a sequel to 2003's Open Water could possibly be. Turns out, someone took up the gauntlet and penned this little puppy about a fun loving set of twenty-somethings who have so much fun aboard a friend's "borrowed" yacht that they forgot... uhh... to lower the ladder into the water before jumping in the ocean.

This time, there's a baby on board, so we have a pretty good shot at having a sole survivor. The assembled doomed crack jokes and live large aboard the yacht, until one gets the fabulous idea of going for a dip and leaps overboard. Mom -- petrified of water and swimming -- stays aboard to check on the baby. But that just won't do for Dan (Eric Dane), a guy everyone can remember as the biggest, dumbest High School jocktard they knew, who seeks mom out, picks her up, and joins the gang overboard, presumably to show her how fun facing one's terrors can be... miles out at sea.

Movie Value: $0.50Caught up in being a jerk, douche-bag Dan forgets to lower the ladder into the water so that everyone could actually climb back aboard the yacht. Stranded, cold and increasingly aware of how screwed they are, blame ensures, everyone hates Dan, a guy gets stabbed, and everyone dies cold and lonely.

But the baby survives. Guess Dan-o couldn't figure out how to scoop up the kid and her mom at the same time so he could murder them both.


SuperBowl LIV Lapdance!

A stripper pole, leather-clad dancers, and an aggressive crotch grab. Is this Harvey Weinstein's wetdream?
Not to be upstaged, J-Lo made sure audiences saw the scant fabric over her baby-maker too.
I may be wrong, but I think the choreographers for this year's half-time show were trying to tell us something....
Yes, she's a mother of 4 but can still grind that pole, girls.
For no particular reason, Superbowl Halftime took a pause from the porn to feature a delightful chorus of school girls, who have a lot to look forward to in the Entertainment Industry.
Shake, shake, shake!
Here this guy helps J-Lo determine just how far he'll go before she presses charges.
J-Lo gave audiences an up-close and personal look into her interior organs Sunday night, vowing to bring ultrasound pictures next year.
J-Lo gave audiences exactly what she thinks they need on a Sunday evening with a gut full of beer and nacho cheese.
Shakira used a unique brand of subtle sexuality to engage the audience.
Never has the importance of 4 sq inches of fabric been more pronounced.

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