For some reason, an Oscar™ nominated movie in which nothing really happens.  The screenplay was based on the Broadway play in which nothing really happened either.  For the rest of this review, I may space out periodically or discuss other subjects entirely, so continue at your own risk.

No one promised you a rose garden, Tony.I don't review (i.e., "give my particular loud-mouthed opinion on") enough of my favorite movies, and Brian DePalma's 1983 classic crime-drama Scarface is firmly in my top 20 of all time.

It's the 80s and the "cocaine cowboys" are flying high in south Florida, dropping product on discothèques all over the place. For the most part, everyone is happy, especially those profiting from the burgeoning drug trade and those who are high.

Kevin Costner is Mr. Brooks, a psychopathic serial-killer and family man, who's content to run his box factory and murder people until Dane Cook discovers his secret, all the while ducking Demi Moore, an independently wealthy cop who hunts them both.  Kevin Costner a serial killer?  Dane Cook in a drama?  Demi Moore in a movie?  Go ahead, pinch yourself, I'll wait.

A murdering psychopath hunts down a guy who stole $2 million from a drug deal gone bad in this Oscar™-winning mashup of "cops 'n robbers, old time western, and crime thriller" by The Coen Brothers®.

If you're as fascinated as we were by the prospect of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton, and J.K. Simmons acting in a Coen Brothers™ film, Burn After Reading is the answer you've been waiting for.


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