Freejack... keep the pepto close at hand.I'll admit to being a big fan of cyberpunk literature and film. I admire pioneers like William Gibson and Walter Williams who pushed science fiction to become socially relevant again after much neglect. I also admire far looking directors like Spielberg (Minority Report), Luc Besson (Fifth Element) and James Cameron (Strange Days, Terminator, Aliens), who all immersed us in their original and inspired visions of a realistic near-future dominated by political and commercial interests clashing sometimes violently with culture. So you can imagine my complete disappointment with Freejack.

Life is but a dream.. for ammunition manufacturers.Andy and Larry Wachowski finally interpret in film the philosophical implications of the nursery rhyme Row, Row, Row Your Boat: "Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream."  Only with lots (and lots and LOTS) of bullets and a marketing machine that puts George Lucas to shame.

Whoa, dude!Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and the gang return in this continuation of 1999's The Matrix, this time with bonus stilted, pseudo-intellectual yammering and even more vehicular firefights.

The crap is really smashing into the fan. Humanity has only a few days before the robots break through and destroy Zion, so Morpheus, Neo and the gang piss off the makeshift congress (even Zion has bureaucracy!!) by taking off singlehandedly to go destroy the machines once and for all.

Turns out, not everyone is convinced that Neo is "The One" to wipe the floors with the robots. Despite all his super-powers in the matrix, folks in Zion, the last human city on earth, aren't all convinced that Ted, of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, really is the savior of mankind that Morpheus says he is. But Morpheus remains steadfast in his belief, and thus risks everyones lives once again on a dangerous, largely improvised plan to destroy the matrix, bring an end to robot-rule, and unplug everyone from the power grid they call home.

In the future, emotions have been eliminated. So have shirts. But NOT personal trainers.Christian Bale works on his blank emotionless stare in this odd sci-fi offering from Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

Bruce AlmightyAs far as blasphemous movies go, it doesn't get much funnier than Bruce Almighty, the message-free version of modern deux ex machina showcasing the comedic talent of Jim Carrey.


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