Yo Adrian! I wrote anutha movie picta!On the 30 year anniversary, Stallone finally writes a real sequel to Rocky (1976), a boxing movie that shows as much heart, but more maturity than the original. It works without being overly cheesy or sentimental.

Luke Wilson and Dax Shepard in IdiocarcyMike Judge presents humanity a sardonic glimpse into what it is "doomed" to become thanks to rampant consumerism, the supremacy of pop culture, and idiots who out-breed geniuses... or at least those of moderate intelligence.

Coming Soon, OW-3: Bait.A while ago, I made a joke about what a sequel to 2003's Open Water could possibly be. Turns out, someone took up the gauntlet and penned this little puppy about a fun loving set of twenty-somethings who have so much fun aboard a friend's "borrowed" yacht that they forgot... uhh... to lower the ladder into the water before jumping in the ocean.

Hang on for 'Tony Almighty,' starring James Gandolfini as a fired construction worker tapped by god to part Lake Hopatcong in Jersey to save a family of ducks.Let loose the dogs of sequels and let us go forth and prosper in the Land of Milk and Honey. Lo, I sayeth unto you that you too shall endure this wacky examination of a personal deity once again mucking around a mere mortal for 90 minutes, either that or findeth something more productive to do, like reorganizing your iTunes library or finally downloading that one song you heard last week on the radio but can't for the life of you remember what it's called.

Ask for forgiveness and avoid this puppy.Readers of IRREVERENT probably wouldn't expect me to like a movie like Atonement, the Oscar™ nominated period drama based on the lifelong regret of a woman who screwed over a dead man when she was a child. Well, don't say I'm not predictable.


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