thegrandmoviePoker movies are somewhat popular these days. I say "somewhat" because I'm not really sure how popular they are with people who don't play poker. See, I play poker and that may be the only reason I've noticed more poker movies out in the past couple years. So, in fact, I have no real idea how popular poker movies really are, but I’ve decided to review three of them for you anyway.

If you ever wondered what would happen if you took a Godzilla movie and filmed it like The Blair Witch, Cloverfield (2008) is what you've been waiting for.

Yo Adrian! I wrote anutha movie picta!On the 30 year anniversary, Stallone finally writes a real sequel to Rocky (1976), a boxing movie that shows as much heart, but more maturity than the original. It works without being overly cheesy or sentimental.

Luke Wilson and Dax Shepard in IdiocarcyMike Judge presents humanity a sardonic glimpse into what it is "doomed" to become thanks to rampant consumerism, the supremacy of pop culture, and idiots who out-breed geniuses... or at least those of moderate intelligence.

Coming Soon, OW-3: Bait.A while ago, I made a joke about what a sequel to 2003's Open Water could possibly be. Turns out, someone took up the gauntlet and penned this little puppy about a fun loving set of twenty-somethings who have so much fun aboard a friend's "borrowed" yacht that they forgot... uhh... to lower the ladder into the water before jumping in the ocean.


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