ARCTIC CIRCLE - Wreckage, presumably from the arctic U.F.O. this morning has been discovered above the arctic circle.

The craft and its occupant is shown here on this leaked military aerial photo.Military officials have confirmed the wreckage was discovered around noon today but have so far declined any comment on what the craft was or the status of any occupants. However a photograph leaked to IRREVERENT Magazine, by way of a highly placed Pentagon source on condition of a steak dinner for two at Morton's, shows at least one occupant of the craft apparently dead at the scene.

Wild speculation across the internet has tied the craft and its mysterious occupant to several WikiLeaks military documents, dated December 24, 2009, when a squadron of fighters were then scrambled in the early morning hours and shot down a "mysterious... flying craft... red in color with a terrified, obese occupant throwing various colored boxes at fighters as they engaged."

Rest assured IRREVERENT will continue following this breaking story as additional facts become available.

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