MMMmmm mmm! Yummy!LONDON - While the rest of the world reacted with violent apathy to recent attempts to discover the presence of water on the lunar surface, former popular singer/songwriter Sting immediately filed a lawsuit against NASA seeking an injuction and unspecified monetary damages.  Court documents filed in Cocoa Beach, Florida reveal the once bestselling artist is claiming NASA is violating his copyright to his song about "lunar excursions."

"Oi!" said then former third member of "The Police," "I wrote that song and it's one of the few good ones I've got.  I can't be having a bunch of boring old scientists going off and nicking it.  I mean I may not be an alien, legal or otherwise, nor do I live in New York, but I know me rights."

The press conference ended as hastily as it was called when the sole reporter covering it asked the entertainer whether the suit might not be considered frivolous as NASA was looking for water on the moon not walking on the moon.  "Look sunshine," Sting told the reporter, "you're getting right on my sodding wick."  The artist then vanished in a puff of smoke and out of tune lute music.

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