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WASHINGTON - An unidentified guy crashed President Obama's Top Secret National Security briefing early this morning.

The President's morning security briefing was interrupted today by some guy.Sources within the Secret Service have confirmed that an unidentified male, approximately 30 years old, crashed the President's National Security Briefing early this morning, sat and listened attentively for almost 45 minutes, asked two questions about Afghan security forces, and then was arrested without incident.

Approximately 30 minutes into the 60 minute briefing, Vice-President Biden was apparently getting suspicious of the guy, whose question on the "Afghan security services' uniforms" seemed odd, especially as there is almost no uniformity among the attire of the Afghan police forces. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apparently raised an eyebrow when the guy's second question, "So what do you want us to do about that Taliban guy we arrested before?" fell flat throughout the room.

Eventually the President, after pondering an update from the C.I.A. over closed-circuit, suddenly said, "Hey! Wait a minute, who is that guy anyway? Yeah, you! Should you even be in here?" Pushing back his chair, he allegedly pointed at the guy and said, "Ok, who let this guy in here?" at which point a sheepish Vice-President Biden reluctantly raised his hand.

"Again? That's just great," the President allegedly said, and immediately called in the Secret Service who took the guy into custody very roughly.

After being interviewed, Vice-President Biden apparently swore to his Chief of Staff that the guy "looked all right" and confessed he didn't know "what the Secret Service is making such a big deal about."