• Strap In, Folks It's time to get NASTY!
  • Who... are... you? Here Bloomberg and Biden try desperately to figure out who they're speaking to, and why.
  • OOH OOH OOH!! MR. KOTTER! Here candidates for the most powerful political office on earth raise their hands to speak.
  • When You're Smiling Here Senator Klobuchar smiles and smiles leadership.
  • You S.O.B.! This jerk wants United States citizens to have a HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING ***AND*** HEALTHCARE!! You son-of-a-bitch!
  • Call Me Petey. Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. We assume he thought this place sold farm implements.
  • Think, Amy, THINK! Here Senator Klobuchar tries to remember a nursery rhyme from childhood.
  • Billionaire-off "As your candidate, I will meet with Trump and out-billionaire the hell out of him."
  • Diversity Yup. That's diverse.
  • Can We At Least Have A Buzzer? "Senator Warren!" "What is looking like an idiot." "Correct!"
  • Not AGAIN! This jerk also wants to END HOMELESSNESS by saying a few thousand families owning 90% of America's wealth IS BAD and should STOP? You fucker.
  • Face-off Here Bernie and Bloomberg hold their own grumpiest old man competition.
  • Please, teach, pick me! Here Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts raises her hand because the others are saying nasty things about her policy.
  • O no you DIDN'T! Here Warren yells at Bloomberg for being a richer jerk than the rest of them, except for Pete, who's the poorest.
  • Strap In, Folks
  • Who... are... you?
  • When You're Smiling
  • You S.O.B.!
  • Call Me Petey.
  • Think, Amy, THINK!
  • Billionaire-off
  • Diversity
  • Can We At Least Have A Buzzer?
  • Not AGAIN!
  • Face-off
  • Please, teach, pick me!
  • O no you DIDN'T!


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