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Three Minutes of HateLike the majority of Americans, ever since George W's appointment as President the idea of professional incompetence has been on my mind. Incompetence is a phenomenon so totally rampant in the corporate world today that the very notion of finding someone able and willing to do their lot is almost entirely relegated to comic book fiction. There was NEVER an incompetent superhero; these guys could always do their jobs well. Can you imagine Superman saying, "Well, I would've saved the planet from global thermonuclear war, but nobody gave me the manual on how to disarm the warheads"? Not even collectors would buy that series. If they wanted to see that crap they'd just go to work, if they could only remember where that was.

Here I was sitting around the IRREVERENT bunker, quite content to not work on the zine at all, avoid completing my taxes, drink too much, and adopt a generally casual attitude toward all sorts of deadlines when all of the sudden it hit me: do a column on the fact that I have no motivation to do my column.  Genius, I tells ya.  Sheer genius.  Well it was enough to get me writing anyway.

I'd be lying if I didn't say that March is my favorite month, which wouldn't really distinguish it from anything else I say. But it is, you'll have to take my word for that, and if you do then you really haven't been reading very much of IRREVERENT, slappy. Stop touching yourself in a priestly manner and exercise another muscle for a change. I love March.


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