SANTA CLARA - New internet buzz-site "Spitter" recently passed rival Twitter in daily hits.

Launched in late 2008 by new nerdcomer Wallis Hanstead (a.k.a., "fREakTost") as a "unique platform.. to virtually spit on others," the site went through an amazing year of growth to surpass rival Twitter in average daily hits.

"Twitter's business model, as much as it is, is to hook an butt-load of people into basically doing online texting to a butt-load of people," said Hanstead at a recent press conference.  "We're all about spitting on stuff, that is showing our disapproval of things in a short, virtual gob.  We're all about taking all the latest trendy, hippest social-media concepts, sticking them into a blender, and barfing it back at our users to drive revenue. Think of us as Twitter's cynical big-brother."


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