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I have never been happier voting than I was yesterday.  This is a fact.  Throw in a bucket of dollar bills and some g-strings, and my local polling place would have been, quite literally, Nirvana.  (No, not the band.)  Among other stuff, I am a firm believer in divided government as well as being a smartass and professional feces disturber.  So long as those dopes are busy fighting with each other over every minor detail of governance, they're less likely to screw with my existence.  Divided we rock.

(In case you missed the quote, the title of this bit is what President Bush commented on yesterday's elections.  Yessir, "thumpin'" it were indeedy.)

DINOPOLIS, 65,000,000 B.C. – President Tyranno Bushasaurus reiterated today that his voluntary avoidance program was “more than adequate” to cope with any possible upcoming asteroid collision.

WASHINGTON - At a gathering of the Rational International Policy Delegation in Washington today, members articulated a measured, rational, anti-terrorism policy.

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